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Trekking Mount Rinjani starts in Tetebatu, Sembalun, Torean, Senaru, Timbanuh, and Aik Berik with the friendly tour company's services.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Packages 2023

Offer Mt. Rinjani trekking and hiking to volcanoes in Lombok, starting in Sembalun, Tetebatu, Timbanuh, Senaru, and Torean village, with the best services all included in the price for backpackers (share package trek) and excellent Mount Rinjani trekking services for a private tour.

Hiking Rinjani: Start Tetebatu

Tetebatu village, nestled amidst beautiful scenery on the southern slopes of Mount Rinjani, is 50 km from Lombok Airport. The small village of Tetebatu, at 700 m above sea level, is a cool and quiet place for a few days of relaxation.

From here, you can hire guides for local trips. Guides can also be arranged at all accommodations; the most common trek is through the local paddy fields and monkey forest to Jukut Waterfall and Sarang Walet Waterfall.

rinjani view from crater rim Tetebatu
View From Crater Rim Tetebatu on 3.200m

For those of you interested in hiking in Lombok to climb Rinjani but not to the main peak at 3726 m, there are some alternative treks to Plawangan Tetebatu at 3200 m or the southern peak of Mount Rinjani at 3500 m a.s.l. Below are some trekking package options available.

tetebatu trek

2D-1N Mountain Sangkareang (Crater Rim Tetebatu)

Trekking Rinjani To Mount Sangkareang 3.200 MASL (2nd summit in Lombok) Start Tetebatu village open for visitors and recommended by SAM KOLDER ( YOUTUBER )

2nd summit

2D-1N Trekking 2nd Summit Rinjani (Start Timbanuh)

Timbanuh Trekking to climb Mount Rinjani starts at Timbanuh at 950 meters altitude to crater rim 2.800 meters and in the next day return to Timba Nuh and drop to Tetebatu.

One-Day Trip Start Tetebatu

This unique one-day sunrise trip to Sangkareang Mountain, 3,200 meters above sea level, departs from Tetebatu, 700 masl. Available begin at 1:00 a.m. to catch the sunrise or start at 7:00 a.m. for a running day trip. This journey is only suitable for really fit people.

tetebatu trek

Sunrise Trip Sangkareang Mountain

Night Trip Sunrise (One Day) Mountain Sangkareang 3200m

running trip

Sangkareang 3200m Running Trip

Mountain Sangkareang 3200m Running Trip start Tetebatu village

Hiking Package Start Sembalun

Mount Rinjani is at an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level. It is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia. Mount Rinjani’s millions of natural and geotourism charms make it a mainstay tourist destination on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Every year, climbers who visit Mount Rinjani attract up to 30000 visitors. Below are trekking in Lombok and climbing packages Rinjani, starting in Sembalun and Senaru village.

summit trek
2D-1N Sembalun Trekking Mount Rinjani Summit

Starting in Sembalun, hike to the crater rim of Sembalun, and spend the night there. early morning trekking up to the summit and back to the campsite, then down to Sembalun village.

3D-2N Sembalun Trek Rinjani Summit – Lake

Starting from Sembalun, hike to the crater rim and overnight, then in the morning on the second day, climb to the summit, then to the lake and overnight. Down to Torean on the last day.


Lombok Volcano History

Some Lombok people believe that Mount Rinjani is the residence of a queen of jinn named Dewi Anjani, the daughter of a king named Datu Tuan and his consort named Dewi Mas, who rules a kingdom in Lombok.

Among the attractions of Mount Rinjani are panoramic views of the caldera, Segara Anak lake, craters, hot springs, caves, eruption holes, and new lava flows.

Apart from its natural beauty, Mount Rinjani is also rich in flora and fauna. At an altitude of 1,000–2,000 meters above sea level, there are many plant species such as orchids (Vanda sp.), meniran (Calicarpa sp.), jakut wood (Syzigium sp.), and win/garu (Dysoxylum sp.). At an altitude of more than 2,000 meters above sea level, it is dominated by Mountain Pine (Casuarina junghuhniana), Everlasting Flower (Anaphalis viscida), Ward (Engelhardia spicata), Melela (Podocarpus vaccinium), and Girlfriend Mountain (Vacinium caringiifolia). At altitudes above 3000 meters above sea level, grass and flowers grow edelweiss.

How do I get to Sembalun?

Sembalun is one of the entrances to Rinjani. To get there from the airport, there is no direct public transportation; you have to rent a car or travel. For cars like Avanza or Xenia, it usually costs 500,000 for approximately 2.5 hours of travel. if it’s cheaper and a bit longer, from the airport, take the Damri transportation to Selong for 40 minutes; the ticket is 35,000; get off at Masbagik; then take the minibus to Aikmel; the fare is 10,000 for approximately 15 minutes. When you arrive at Aikmel Market, take the transportation to Sembalun. There are usually lots of vegetable and fruit transportations to Sembalun, with a fare of 30,000 per person for about 1 hour of travel.

Transportation from Aikmel to Sembalun is only available until 5 p.m. Get off at the Rinjani climbing registration post, then fill out the climbing form. There are no special requirements, only an ID card or passport, and you pay 5,000 IDR per person for climbing Indonesian citizens, while for foreigners, a ticket to climb Rinani is 150,000 IDR. IDR ticket prices per day for weekdays and an additional 50% for holidays

Meanwhile, to get to Sembalun from Lembar Harbor, take public transportation from Lembar to Mandalika-Bertais for about 45 minutes with a fare of 20,000, then take a minibus to Aikmel, and then Aikmel-Sembalun continue as the information above.

How long is the Rinjani Trek?

At the beginning of the ascent via Sembalun, climbers are greeted by a stretch of residents’ gardens and meadows up to POS 2. Then, from POS 2 to POS 3, the path is slightly uphill and is dominated by grasslands.

sembalun Rinjani trekking route
Sembalun Trekking Route

Furthermore, the path to Pelawangan (summit campsite or Crater Rim Sembalun) is quite tiring and can be said to be the toughest part of the climb. Passing the seven hills commonly called the hill of Regret (Bukit Penyesalan). This path is filled with shady mountain pine trees, and climbers can rest along the way.

Lombok volcano trekking
Summit Mount Rinjani, 3726m


Fatigue will immediately disappear when you see the view of Lake Segara Anak and the crater of Mount Rinjani from Pelawangan.

In Pelawangan, there is a comfortable camping area; usually climbers camp there, and the trip to the top of Rinjani starts at around 03.00 WITA, early in the morning, to catch the sunrise view from the top of Rinjani. Furthermore, from this crater, you can also go down to Lake Segara Anak. The path to the child is quite steep and rocky; edelweiss flowers grow around the path. From Pelawang to Segara Anak Lake, it can be reached in 2.5 hours.

Rinjani trekking to segara anak lake
Segara Anak Lake

At Segara Anak Lake, there is a camping area, and there are also lots of fish that can be fished. Not far from Segara Anak Lake, there are water sources, hot springs, and the Susu Cave, which complement the beauty of Mount Rinjani.

foods on trekking rinjani
Foods and Drinks on the mountain

The trip down the mountain can be reached via the Senaru hiking trail. The terrain is in the form of rock cliffs. For climbing safety, at several points a handrail has been installed. This path is quite tiring because, from Lake Segara Anak to Pelawangan Senaru, you need to go up first, then down. The journey down is quite gentle at the beginning; the road is quite dusty, but from POS 3 to the entrance to Senaru, it is surrounded by a cool forest.

Waterfall on the trek down to Torean

Another alternative is to go down to Torean (the newest route) which is more sloping and passes through many tributaries, pine forests and on the way you will find many beautiful waterfalls.

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Unvergessliches Erlebnis Die Wanderung war eines meiner Highlights auf meiner Reise in Indonesien. Ich habe die Tour über mein Hostel gebucht und konnte mich einer anderen Gruppe anschliessen, worüber ich sehr froh war. Morgens um 8 wurde ich abgeholt und zum Start der Wanderung gebracht. Die Wanderung war steil aber gut zu schaffen. Da wir relativ zügig unterwegs waren, wanderten wir bereits am 1. Tag bis zum Gipfel und konnten dort den Sonnenuntergang geniessen. Eine wunderschöne Erfahrung. Den Sonnenaufgang sahen wir dann am nächsten Morgen vom Zeltlager aus, ebenfalls unbeschreiblich schön. Unser Guide Ivan war fantastisch. Er hat sich immer wieder nach unserem Befinden erkundigt, Pausen gemacht wenn wir sie brauchten und gerne von seinem Leben in Indonesien erzählt. Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit mit ihm. Auch die Porter waren super freundlich und haben für gute Stimmung gesorgt. Wir waren beeindruckt davon, wieviel Gewicht sie für uns auf den Berg tragen und das alles in Flip Flops. Ich würde die Tour jedem weiter empfehlen, der die Touristen Massen am Hauptgipfel des Mt Rinjani vermeiden will und trotzdem einzigartige Aussichten und fantastische Begleitung geniessen will.
Alessandro B
Alessandro B
2D/1N Tetebatu: Amazing trek and experience for nature lovers. Jaya and his team are awesome people. One of the best experiences we had in our lives. We decided to hike from tetebatu because we heard it is less crowded and nature is more preserved. At the end the full experience was above the expectation! From tetebatu you do not reach the first summit but a side peak peack around 3000 mt height with a fantastic view on rinjani summit, the lake the caldera and Lombok coastline, including Gili islands and Anung vulcano. About the agency, I cannot describe with words how Jaya and his team is friendly and nice. Jaya is very careful about preserving nature and not leaving garbage along the trail. Guides and porters even bring back all the left cigarettes in their backpacks. Our tour guide Iwant is a very kind guy and passionate about hiking and share experiences and local culture with guests. We really enjoyed every minute spending with him and the two guys from tetebatu that trek with us and helped us in bringing tents and cooking delicious food (we are Italians so very careful about food). Also the driver Wil is a very kind and friendly person, we enjoyed the time spent with him due also to his knowledge about the history of the island. About the trek, it is quite long (around 2100/2200 mt of elevation gain) but not dangerous at all. We actually reached the summit on the first day to see the sunset above the clouds (it seemed to be on top of an airplane) and we climbed again to the top from campsite the morning after to see the magnificent sunrise (the light and colours were awesome). To conclude I fully suggest to have this Rinjani experience with Jaya and Iwant (or one of the other Jaya’s guide), to support tetebatu village’s people and to be kind with all these amazing people. Thanks again Iwant, you are a great person to get inspiration from!
Fiona H
Fiona H
Professional and kind service We visited Jaya's place to talk to him about the Mt. Rinjani trip. He offered us coffee/tea and explained everything and we could book it directly there. He has very good equipment and was able to give us jackets for the top of the mountain. The trip was fantastic! Our guide, Anip, was very professional, friendly and fun. We had a really good time, even though the trail was steep and strenuous at times. The porters were also very nice and funny. At first we were uncomfortable with them having to carry our tents/sleeping bags/mattresses, but Jaya explained that they were happy to do it because they get work and money for it. They are well trained and even did the trip in flip flops. The sunset and sunrise were absolutely stunning and it was worth getting up very early to see it. Thank you again, Jaya, for such a wonderful experience.
Highlight of Indonesia trip Definitely the highlight of my Indonesia trip! Our guide Iwant was amazing and we watched the most beautiful sunset at the summit. Would definitely recommend!
Simone S
Simone S
Esperienza unica Esperienza veramente unica che consiglio a tutti gli amanti del trekking. La vista dalla cima e anche la notte in tenda ad alta quota sono uno spettacolo irripetibile che consiglio a tutti. Jaya organizza tutto con guide esperte che seguono su tutto il percorso. Ottima organizzazione e puntualità.
Anna-Lena M
Anna-Lena M
Great organization, amazing hike experience My friend and I booked the 3 days Rinjani hike 2 days before with Jaya Trekker and it was super uncomplicated and very reliable. We stayed the night before in Tetebatu and a driver brought us in the morning to Sembalun. After the track they arranged a transport to wherever we wanted to go (my friend went to Bangsal and I back to Tetebatu). Jaya, who is a very experienced Rinjani guide, took his time to explained us everything in detail, he gave us very helpful advices and he was even willing to borrow us clothes. We really felt well prepared thanks to him. I can highly recommend doing the booking with him!
Great experience The tour with Iwan as a guide was great! We went up to the crater rim with him and his team and spent one night a bit below the rim & watched the sunrise from the tent. Overall great experience and the carriers were so nice and kind - terima kasih! :)
Tereng W
Tereng W
great experince with jaya trekker good trekking organizer. good team. we did 3days 2 night. great experience, see the sunset. and sunrise. the guide lead us and give us good information about rinjani mountain.
An amazing experience with Jaya Trekker This was a challenging hike but was well worth the experience and the reward of the magnificent view when we reached the 2nd summit. We ended up doing the trek from Tete Batu on someone else’s recommendation and it was definitely the right choice for us. The route covered a varied terrain of forest. jungle and lots of tough elevations. Jaya was totally professional from the very beginning. A village leader came and gave us a blessing before we began the early morning hike. Danny was our main guide and he really was exceptional. Iwan and the other porters were magnificent too and we such a happy and accommodating group of youngsters. We had great banter with all of them and they were genuinely lovely people. We felt safe with them at all times and they encouraged us at all times. This trek definitely requires a certain level of fitness but we made it to the top and all agreed that the incredible view was worth every step. Jaya and his team are just brilliant and I would definitely use them again.

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