Tetebatu Village East Lombok

The small village Tetebatu is located quite in the middle of Lombok, about 15 kilometers in linear distance south from the summit of the Mount Rinjani. Here the world is still in order. There are slowly coming more visitors to Tetebatu, but compared to other places on Lombok still a very few tourists.

Tetebatu and the surrounding areas are mainly known for its many rice terraces and paddies. These will most probably remind you of Ubud on Bali and they can almost keep up. Almost. However, the bonus is the view at the Rinjani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

View on the trek to Rinjani fom Tetebatu
View on the trek to Rinjani fom Tetebatu


Because of that, Tetebatu is also known as “the Ubud of Lombok” – but I can only partly agree. Sure, the rice terraces, the peaceful and green surrounding areas as well as the friendly people remind of Ubud. However, it is MUCH quieter and the towns are hardly to compare. Ubud is compared to Tetebatu a destination for mass tourism. In contrast to Ubud, art, crafts and traditional dances don’t play a role in Tetebatu but rather agriculture.

Tetebatu village
Tetebatu village Rice Field

Unfortunately, I had some bad luck with the weather during my stay and I couldn’t see the full mountain panorama. Also with the pictures of the rice terraces I would have liked a little bit more sunshine because then they would have a bright green color and terrific views with a clear blue sky. At the end it even started to rain a little.

Tetebatu waterfall
Tetebatu waterfall

Besides rice, the people of Tetebatu also grow tobacco, many exotic fruits, cocoa, coffee, chili, macadamia nuts, vanilla and much more. If you want you can buy those products directly from the locals. It’s hardly possible to get it fresher and more natural.

Sasak Lombok Wedding Ceremony
Sasak Lombok Wedding Ceremony

You can also visit the so-called Monkey Forest, which is located about 4 kilometers north of Tetebatu. You can also see the grey macaques (often referred to as ugly), which are pretty common on Bali and Lombok. But also the rarer and “more beautiful” black monkeys can be seen around Tetebatu.

You can also explore beautiful waterfalls in the surrounding area. Namely, the Jeruk Manis, Jukut or Otak Kokok/Joben waterfall. However, you need to hike or drive to reach those waterfalls.

At Waterfall in Tetebatu

A somewhat not so spectacular and smaller waterfall you can see near the Sasak village at the Monkey Forest. It’s relatively easy to reach from the village.

You could even start a Rinjani trekking from Tetebatu to crater rim on 3.100 above sea level and from there you can see the beautifull Segara Anak Lake and New volcano Gunung Baru Jari with background Mount Rinjani. inetersted please check the package 2 days 1 night to crater rim Tetebatu here.