Mountain Sangkareang 3200m Running

Running Mountain Sangkareang

We now offer self-guided trail running tours on the Mount Rinjani National Park area to Sangkareang Mountain 3.200 m above sea level starting from Tetebatu village 700 m above sea level. This route is on the south side of Mount Rinjani with a challenging trek past monkey forest, open savanna, and beautiful view to see Segara Anak Lake, the new volcano, and Mount Rinjani peak.

Running Map

This challenge adventure is open to any age, any level of runner. We take care of all logistics, booking, and private baggage transport.

Do the Mountain Sangkareang Running on your own in half or one day option, with a distance of 32.15 km. Our expert guide will meet with you in Tetebatu village to explain this trip to ensure you’re trained and ready to go for this adventure of a lifetime!

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